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Michael Ritter, MPH

Michael Ritter is living proof that young leaders can accomplish anything they set their minds to, with the right preparation, passion, and purpose.   While still a graduate student, Michael co-founded Deep Springs International along with Dr. Timothy Mech and Ruth Entwistle of Grove City College.   Starting out with a shoestring budget was no obstacle for Michael – his passion for saving lives by bringing clean water to poor Haitians was so strong that he literally operated out of his backpack for the first few years!

Mr. Ritter earned his Masters of Public Health from Emory University, and also holds a B.S. in molecular biology.  He also serves as the National Director in Haiti – leading an entirely indigenous team of over 200 Haitians.  As a specialist in water interventions, particularly Household Water Treatment and Storage (HWTS), he has served in leadership with U.N. Committees and presented at key health and water conferences.

Deep Springs is led by a volunteer Board of Directors

As an organization committed to sustainability and cultural effectiveness, all managers and staff in Haiti are local leaders with the exception of the National Director.    Approximately 260 Haitians earn an income by selling locally-produced chlorine products.

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