Give the gift of Clean Water to a poor family in Haiti….give them a Bucket of Life!

LESS THAN DINNER OUT FOR TWO: For only $34 you can give three year’s worth of safe water to an entire family!  That’s only 3 cents a day!

SIMPLE BY DESIGN: The Bucket of Life is designed to be low tech: few moving parts, no complicated filters to clean or replace, and no electricity required.  With just a capful of locally produced chlorine solution a family has 5 gallons of clean water - in a durable container with lid to keep out dirt and a tap for sanitary dispensing.

SUSTAINABLE:  The Deep Springs model is based on principles of sustainability.  We believe that poor families are best served if they can develop the means to meet their own needs; therefore our goal is to subsidize water treatment products, education and monitoring for a maximum of three years *. 

EDUCATION INCLUDED: $34 includes the cost of education and monitoring.  Trained Health Agents equipped with chlorine test kits visit families or communities to train in proper hygiene and system usage, and to re-fill chlorine bottles.

$10 Bucket of Life **

$24 Chlorine and Education Subsidy ***

    • Year 1: $12
    • Year 2: $8
    • Year 3: $4

 $34 Clean safe water and education for a Haitian family for 3 years                               



Make the gift of clean water even more special...

....Create a personalized gift card from you or your family!  

Upload an optional photo and even write a personal word of encouragement.

Your gift card will be delivered, along with the Bucket of Life, to the receiving family

>>See enlarged sample Gift Card

* Link to Gift Card page will be emailed to you with your receipt

* Though our goal is sustainability within three years, the overall health and well-being of families, and particularly children, is of primary importance.  Therefore, sustainability may take longer for some families.

** Deep Springs serves new families one community at a time.   The family you are supporting will receive their Bucket of Life when their entire community is added to the service network.   Some families already received a Bucket of Life after the earthquake or cholera outbreak, but are in need of assistance to subsidize their chlorine purchases.

*** These annual subsidies are illustrative of averages.   Actual subsidies vary from region to region based on actual economic conditions and prices.



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